WV LRS Training 2022

UPDATE – link to training slides here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WM-c9xyvzJ1GPwcTdrGJXJYEK-FLE4Ic?usp=sharing The West Virginia Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) is pleased to announce a one day LRS Training Workshop in which LRS’s can obtain their 5.5 PDHs needed towards your LRS renewal requirements. The LRS Training Workshop will be held Tuesday, Sept 13 at the … Read more

A&WMA 2020 Membership Performance Recognition Award

The WV Chapter of the A&WMA has received a 2020 Membership Performance Recognition Award for outstanding performance in membership for the 3rd year in a row.  A big thanks to our membership committee leader, Nate Lanham and for all his efforts in helping the Chapter achieve this recognition!  

AWMA WV Section Membership Report – 2018

The WV Chapter membership committee has completed a comprehensive membership evaluation that compares and contrasts our membership population from 2017 to 2018 and includes distribution of membership by geography, profession and gender. The goal of the report is to better understand where our membership I strong and where it is under served. Lastly the report … Read more

Voluntary Remediation Program Survey published by WVDEP Officer of Environmental Remediation

The WVDEP Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) is currently seeking feedback regarding their Voluntary Remediation Program. A new survey has been posted at the link below in order to provide feedback and improvement suggestions to the OER: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RXTCWHF The survey will close January 31, 2018.   Additional feedback and suggestions can also be sent the … Read more

LRS Training Conference Slides

The powerpoint presentations from the September 12 LRS Training Session have now been posted online. You can find the powerpoint presentations posted at the following link: LRS Training Documents

2016 Brownsfield Conference Presentation Slides

The powerpoint presentations from the 2016 Brownsfield Conference are now available at the Google Drive through the following link. Event pictures are also present in the folder. ** Update: The Role of Modeling in RA and Remediation Projects presentation was added to the Google Drive 09/28/16.

WV AWMA Baseball Game Pictures

Only Junly 29, the WV Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association met for a baseball game at the WV Power Park. Pictures of the event are accessible here.